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"SUPER RARE” 1987 Fuji Tiara Racing Bicycle for sale in Riverside, CA buy in US, Free Classifieds Ads

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"SUPER RARE” 1987 Fuji Tiara Racing Bicycle for sale. I am not a bicycle expert, but, I have done some research on my 1987 Fuji Tiara bicycle to try to find out as much as I could prior to selling it.

About 10 years ago I went into a bike shop to see how much it would cost to have new tires on my bike and to wrap the handlebars. When I told the man that my Fuji (which my father purchased brand new in 1987 and then gave to me 10 years ago) was a 1987 he said “are you sure it’s a 1987?” I told him that my father said it was. It is a 1987 as here is the serial# stamped into the frame for those of you who may be interested to research this bike like I did: F8704804.

The man at the bike shop said that he was a Fuji super fanatic and he told me that there were several different Fuji bicycle manufacturing plants in 1987 and the plant that made the Tiara moved in 1987 to a different country so they only made a very few thousand of the 1987 Tiara’s. He told me that the next year after the new plant was fully up and running in 1988 they made over 700,000 Tiara’s but in 1987 they only made a few thousand and that it is the Holy Grail year for the Tiara collector as very few remain.

My serial# shows that it is bike# 4,804.He told me that I will probably never find another 1987 as Fuji collectors have the few remaining ones. I have spent several hours doing Google searches and I have followed every lead reading every post to see what I could find. I did find one other old post from someone who wanted to share pictures of his 1987 Tiara which was not for sale (the pictures have been removed, but, the post was still up).

I do have links to the original 1987 Fuji Tiara speciations, but, I never did find out exactly how many 1987’s were made. I will list the spec’s below. Also, I did find about 15 old posts of 1988’s that had come up for sale and even though there were a lot of 1988’s made it seems like even that year was very popular as there seems to be quite a following for the older Fuji racing bikes. Here is the text of an old post I found in my Google search (this post was from 2012) of a 1988 Fuji Tiara that came up for sale in 2012 “Anyway as a follow up to the original value question, the bike sold yesterday to the first guy that saw it with several lined up to see it if he didn't buy it after a day on CL advertised at $250.

”My father also purchased a matching new yellow rear view mirror, a yellow bike tire pump, and I have a new HID super bright red blinking light (for your safety at night). The bike is absolutely original and complete and never touched by anybody except for when my father put air in the tires. Of course, my father did ride it, but, only a few times to stay in shape.

I never did replace the tires, tubes, or wrap the handlebars. It is in super shape with the exception of the chain needing to be oiled and replacing the tires, tubes, and wrapping of the handlebars (and a very few touch up spots for you on the paint). This is a super great race bike that was made with the lightest space age metals of the period. I can lift it with one finger. It is a 12 speed racing bike. The original seat is pigskin and it is in great shape.

I really don’t know what the value of this bike may be as I could never find another one for sale to compare it to. I have decided that since the 1988’s seemed to of had an average selling price of $250 six years ago and since this is a much more sought after year that I would sell it to the first person with $340 cash.

This may be a fairly rare bike and a real sought after piece of bike racing history, but, I am moving several states away and I don’t want to risk any damage to it in the move. I would like to see it go to someone who will actually get some good use out of it and not just display it.

Here are the spec’s found on-line:

1987 Fuji TiaraFrame:  Fuji VALite “Si 45” Quad-Butted
Fork/Headset:  Fuji VALite
Crankset/Bottom Bracket:  Sugino VP-130 42X53T
Pedals:  MKS AR8 with toe clips and straps
Derailleurs:   Suntour Alpha 5000 (front & rear)
Cluster:  Suntour Perfect 13-24T (silver)
Shifters:  Suntour Alpha 5000 SIS system
Handlebar:  Kusuki alloy
Handlebar Stem:  Kusuki alloy (black)
Saddle/Seatpost:  Viscount (Pigskin)
Brakes:  DC400N
Front Wheel/Hub/Tire:  SCCR 700X25c
Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire:  SCCR 700X25c
Weight:  23.9 lb - Free Classified Ads in US on Craigslist